Be a Guest at your own wedding – Dos and Don’ts from fellow brides #4

DO ”Be a guest at your own wedding. Be in the moment the day of. Even though you’ve been anticipating and planning, don’t analyze and fixate on if it’s going according to plan or on what’s coming next. Be present and enjoy the celebration as it comes. That will make the day stick best in your memory and allow you to actually enjoy it and have fun!”  — Piera Gelardi & Philippe von Borries, married February ’05 *

Indian wedding dancing

*Source – The Refinery:

Jericho Beach Engagement Photography Session with Neela & Mike

It was a gorgeous summer evening at Jericho Beach; a spot that is special to Neela & Mike because it’s where they had their first “date”.  (Although Mike told me it wasn’t really a date, because they were just suppose to be ‘hanging out’ and Neela had tricked him.)


As always, I didn’t want anything too “posey” or “cheesy”, and opt’d for a more relaxed, fun, and authentic atmosphere with their photos.


We hung out at the beach a bit, then to get out of the hot sun, found some shade under some willow trees that surround the pond at Jericho Beach.

2013-08-26_0003 2013-08-26_0004

There was lots of laugher, and I had a great time hanging out and getting to know this couple a bit more!

We’re all super stoked about their New Years Eve Wedding this year!