3 Reasons Why You Want Us To Pick The Music For Your Wedding Video

Included in every videography package is a highlight or trailer video.

Everyone loves showing off their highlight video to friends and family on the internet. You always get tons of wonderful comments on facebook, and it’s something that you’re proud to show off. It’s also a great way to re-live the day with a beautiful little glimpse of your whole wedding video.

As of 2013 Family Creative will be picking the music for each couple’s Highlight video, and we want to just share with you why…

1) New Memories Vs. Old Memories

Every couple has their favourite songs, and with each of those favourite songs there is a flood of emotion and memories. They become our favourite songs because they remind us of favourite memories.

For me and my man, our song is Dancing in a Minefield by Andrew Peterson. This song spoke so true for us when we got engaged, and it reminds me of a difficult time in our lives; overcoming huge hurtles, and walking hand in hand to a better future.

It’s a beautiful song! I love it! But when I remember my wedding day, I want to remember the feelings of excitement and happiness, and the joy that we both experienced that day. So I wouldn’t want “our song” in our wedding highlight video.

So when you add your favourite song to your wedding highlight video it mixes old memories with your new ones.

If you allow us to select the music for your highlight video (and it’s something you have never heard before then) it’s like in a real movie, and that music becomes the soundtrack to your wedding day. It allows you to focus on the memories and moments of your wedding day, rather than the memories previously attached to a favourite song.

All of the music we use is from websites like www.themusicbed.com, and you are more then welcome to have a look! If you find something you like, let us know, and we’ll see if that song is a good fit!

2) Copyright Laws

Just plainly, it is illegal to use music in an online video that you haven’t purchased a license for.

“Let’s start with a little example: Imagine you’re making a video about your summer holidays and the only thing missing is a piece of music to complete it. Quickly you add your favorite track and you’re done. So far everything sounds quite easy. But when does music licensing come into play? Depends on how you want to use the video. There are two different types of use:

  • Private Use: If you only want to show the video to your closest friends and don’t intend to publish it on the Internet or another medium, let alone distribute it commercially, then you don’t need the permission of the creator. You don’t have to license the song.
  • Public Use: If you want to show the video to people outside your private sphere by making it available for example on YouTube, you need the concession of the creator; you have to license the song.”*

In July 2011 “Joe Simmons Films” was sued by Broadcast Music Inc. for $150,000 for copyright infringement for using the Coldplay song “Fix You”. This issue was eventually settled for less, but he still had to pay a 5 digit number.

The cost of licensing your favourite song could cost anywhere between $2000-$10,000** A cost neither of us are going to want to shell out for.

So in order to avoid the risk of getting involved in a copyright infringement lawsuit we pick easily licensable music from Musicbed.com which you should go check out!

3) Supporting Artists

The final reason we purchase a license off The Music Bed is because we are supporting the artists. As an artist myself, supporting brilliant local musicians and artists always feels great!!

Fine print:

Just to reiterate, we pick your song for your highlight video only.

Because your full length wedding video is for private use only, you may make a list of song suggestions that you’d like to see in your wedding full length wedding video.

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Beautiful Summer Jericho Beach Wedding Photography & Video Highlights

I have been wanting to post a blog for this wedding for a while now, and seeing as I just dropped Josie & Blair’s DVDs and photo disc in the mail yesterday, I think it’s a perfect time to write their blog!

Family Creative shot J&B’s photography and videography for their wedding day, and I can honestly say that it was one of the most relaxed wedding parties I dealt with all summer.

J&B are super fun, super chill, and super tall! I still can’t get over the fact that they met at yoga! (Only in Vancouver, right?!)

So here’s some of their great images and video.

Hair and make up done by Keely Anderson at Glossed Studios

Flowers: N/A

Dress: N/A

Shoes: Manolo Blahnik 

Church: St. Faith’s Anglican Church - 7284 Cypress Street, Vancouver, BC

Photos: Jericho Beach, Royal Vancouver Yacht Club

Reception: Vancouver Rowing Club, Stanley Park Drive, Vancouver, BC

All photography done by Megan Elrick of Family Creative – Vancouver wedding photographer. Family Creative is a Vancouver wedding photographer and wedding videographer. Beautiful affordable wedding photography and videography.